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Music Mixed

The perfect playlist

We are obsessed with our music library. Organized by decade and genre, it’s easy to locate the music you want to hear on our downloadable BIG FUN Playlist. Updated weekly with the most recent hits, check out the wide variety, including pop, rock, hip‑hop, and every other musical category we could think of.

Radio versions & select remixes

DJ’ing to mixed crowds and young people, we always default to the familiar, radio‑friendly (yes, clean) versions of your favorite tracks. And for certain songs, where we’ve found a spectacular dance remix that improves the original track, we include that version in our collection.

Audiophiles at heart

Our music library consists of legally purchased, high‑resolution audio files. We don’t download and play “iffy” MP3s that may have pops, clicks, and dropouts. If a song has been recently remastered, we purchase and play the best version.

We advise, you decide

Your BIG FUN disc jockey is going to play the music you want to hear. Period. We encourage you to mark up our playlist, as well as tell us your “must play” and “do not play” songs. We listen to your preferences. Don’t see every song you want on our list? No problem, we will make sure we bring those tracks to your event. Want your disc jockey to take requests from your guests? We love saying, “Good choice, I’ll put it on next!”