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Additional Sound System

If you need audio in multiple locations, such as your ceremony, the cocktail hour, dinner and toasts, and of course dancing, ask for our Additional Sound System. With this equipment, we will ensure you have sound in every room or location you desire.

Wedding ceremony

Leverage our expertise in providing flawless sound support. We’ll play the processional music as you walk down the aisle. With our photo‑friendly wireless lavaliere microphones, we’ll amplify the officiant and the groom, allowing the back row to enjoy your vows as clearly as your parents in the front. Have a reading? We’ll provide a microphone and a stand. Kiss the bride, and we’ll start your recessional right on cue.

Live musician support

Our Additional Sound System has all of the inputs to amplify, mix, and monitor up to six channels of live music and microphones. From an acoustic guitar solo to a full quartet, significantly improve the sound of your ceremony musicians with amplification and fill speakers. If you have multiple singers, give each her own microphone. We run the soundboard and mix everything live.

Cocktail hour

Enjoy a drink while listening to Sinatra (or any other kind of music) playing in the background. Have immediate access to a microphone if a welcome toast is planned for this time. Let us (as your MC) remind folks to sign the guestbook and pick up their table assignments.

Backup equipment (no charge)

We use extremely robust, professional‑grade audio equipment in our Primary Sound System to virtually eliminate the possibility of problems. However, nothing beats redundancy. Our Additional Sound System can be quickly deployed as fully functional backup equipment, just in case.