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Top 10  Tips to tunes

Will you play songs that aren’t on your playlist?
Absolutely. We play the music you want to hear.
We don’t want a cheesy DJ, okay?
Our DJs are professional, friendly, and organized, but never tacky, cliché, or cheesy.
Do you play clean, radio versions of the songs we want?
Yes. We generally avoid explicit songs unless requested by the client.
Do you charge for setup or teardown time?
No. Our start time is when you require us to be fully set up (usually for music or announcements) and the end time is at the conclusion of the last song.
Will the DJ function as our MC?
Yes. We are the MC at most events at which we play, unless the client requests to have a family member or guest make the announcements.
Have you played at our venue?
More than likely. We even maintain our own database (with photos) of nearly every Bay Area venue.
What do you wear?
Our DJs traditionally dress in black dress pants, a black shirt, and a black tie. Occasionally, a client requests something more formal (or more casual), and we are happy to comply.
What kind of equipment do you bring to events?
We use pro‑audio DJ amps and mixers, as well as our own custom designed lighting system. We also bring large, full range nightclub class speakers (with outboard amplification) for awesome sound.
Can we pick our DJ?
If you book far enough in advance, yes (we do fully book out, so often specific DJs are not available). We are happy to invite you to wedding shows where you can meet multiple DJs at once. All of our DJs are very similar in style.
Why don’t you require an advance deposit like our other vendors?
Hosting an event (such as a wedding) is expensive. We try to make it a little easier for couples by invoicing after the event. Plus, we have a lot of incentive to do a great job for you.